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Triangles taste better, the science tells us so… if you want to get really technical here goes… “the hypotenuse length of the triangular sandwich maximises the tongue to filling contact area allowing for two ultimate bites of crustless perfection“*, so there you go triangles do indisputably taste better!

However what is disputable, is what sandwich to put in it. The sandwich featured here is Vegemite, cheese and lettuce, much to Sammy’s disgust. Anyhow enough about Sammy and her Marmite obsession. The Wrap is a container in itself, so no need to pack this inside another superfluous lunch box, you can pop it directly into your bag or even better pop it in one of our lunch bags to be extra matchy matchy.

Made with Washable Kraft Paper – brush out the crumbs, wipe off the stickies, or pop it in the washing machine on any cycle for a sweeter clean. Click here for more details.

* Thanks to Nathan W Pyle for this extremely pertinent fact. Look him up he’s a big triangle sandwich advocate.

One Size – 130 x 130 x 60

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Handmade in Christchurch, New Zealand by David & Sam – $1 from every bag sold goes towards supporting mental health in our community.

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Black, Chocolate, Natural, Olive


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