Care Instructions

So what is Washable kraft paper? 

Like the name suggests, it’s washable paper and therefore reusable paper. In fact, you’ve probably come across it before, that brown papery patch on the back of Levis Jeans . . . Yep that’s the stuff and that’s why you can chuck SammyBags into the wash time and again without damaging it.

Wait why?

Because 60% Cellulose and 30% Synthetic Latex make it up – as some people have an allergy to natural latex. It feels like paper but ages like leather .

Hang on a second, “What makes up the other 10%?” 

4% ~ 6% water, 0.5% ~ 2% colour pigments, 0.5% ~ 2% chemicals. Oeko-Tex, which tests for harmful substances, accredits the reusable paper we use, as well as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We also independently food contact tested the paper by SGS laboratories in Hong Kong and it passed with flying colours.

How should I clean my SammyBag?

You can put SammyBags through your washing machine on any cycle and temperature and they will come out super clean. We recommend using a fragrance free Eco washing powder and the method that requires the least amount of energy…. 

If you can brush out the crumbs, do so. 

If you need to use a damp cloth to give it a wipe, go for it. 

If your reusable paper bag is looking a little blotchy and you want to freshen it up, rinse it under running water. 

If it crawls across the bench and talks back, maybe its time you gave it a full wash, pop it in the washing machine with your tea towels, on any cycle.

Dry flat.

Wait did you say “Blotchy” before? 

Yes, SammyBags material is ABSORBENT so it WILL soak up water, juices, oils or grease and leave blotches… But take a deep breath and chill… They’re probably not permanent. 

Still can’t cope with the injustice of the blotch? Here’s an idea; wrap your juicy little sandwich in some Beeswax Wrap before tucking it inside the SammyBag to fall asleep. Cute huh?

My darling three year old just drew on my SammyBag with a vivid marker what should I do?

Okay so that actually is permanent. Realistically, you should probably call the Police in the first instance to address this behaviour while they’re still young. Secondly, while you’re wondering if you’ve failed as a parent, you should buy yourself a new zero waste packaging SammyBag. Your three-year-old can have the one they just defaced for their collection of miscellaneous treasures they spread around the house. That reminds me, like pencil cases in the 80’s you can personalise them with markers so get creative!