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SammyBags is on a mission to provide businesses with a solution to reduce their single use packaging. Co-brand with SammyBags reusable coffee pouches & offer your customers a pivotal role to play in the “reusable revolution” by providing them the option to own, care for & reuse their coffee pouches. The more a customer uses them, the more you save on single-use packaging and the more needless waste is diverted from landfill. It’s a win-win.

The first step is to provide a hi-res pdf or eps of your art work for us to make a digital mock up of, to show you what your co-branded reusable coffee pouches will look like.

Once the size and placement have been finalised we’ll get a stamp made and begin your order. We apply your artwork using a non-toxic permanent ink resulting in a natural handmade aesthetic.

Turn around times vary but often we have orders completed within two or three weeks.

Co-Brand Reusable Coffee Pouches with SammyBags

Custom Requests

If there’s a different set of dimensions or colours that you want (or need), we’re happy to customise our designs to suit your requirements – or bring your ideas to life!

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We would love to connect with you & support your local coffee community tackle wasteful packaging together. Let us know if you’re a member in the form below and we’ll be sure to look after you.

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