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SammyBags Reusable Coffee Pouches
SammyBags Reusable Coffee Pouches

Sammybags are a unique and original way to eliminate single use waste when buying food.

SammyBags washable, reusable paper flat bags are suitable for takeaway items such as cookies, scones, muffins, pastries, fruit or bread. Our sustainable stand-up pouches are awesome at refilleries, or for snacks on-the-go. Our reusable coffee pouches solve the problem for people looking for a convenient and well-made alternative to purchasing coffee beans in throwaway packaging.

SammyBags Reusable Bags

SammyBags last years not minutes… and can be used over and over again.

SammyBags feel like paper but age like leather – a reusable, strong bag made of washable kraft paper. A genuinely classic old-school feel for a modern solution to sustainability. Zero waste packaging has never been easier. At SammyBags we use only the best washable kraft paper, which is accredited to be free of harmful substances and is also approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. We also minimise all wastage by reusing offcuts. Because of the highly reusable nature of this sustainable packaging, you can directly reduce the amount of energy wasted, carbon emissions, money costs and items filling our landfills.

SammyBags | The Mission

SammyBags is on a mission to eliminate single use packaging. Every day around the world, hundreds of millions if not billions of single-use paper bags are being disposed through landfill or recycling. Think about it . . .

  • Land is cleared, trees are grown and then logged and shipped to be processed into pulp.
  • The pulp is made into paper and transported again to be made into bags.
  • The bags are then distributed around the globe.
  • They even make their way to your local cafe for your
  • It’s used for only a matter of minutes before it’s a waste product.

Now imagine being able to reuse that bag twice, four times, 10 times . . . Hundreds of times!
Well now you can! SammyBags is all about customers taking ownership of their packaging, and shifting to reusable and washable bags which will last years, not minutes.

What the KeepCup is for coffee, SammyBags is for food.

It’s all about reducing single use waste and shifting our behaviour from disposable, to reusable.